Eggleston Andra or Dunlavy SC-5

I would like opinions from individuals who have owned either of these speakers. System details; Accuphase DP-75V via Purist audio Proteous rev. b into Rowland model 9 monos w bps. I currently own Apogee Divas , Duetta Sigs, Sonus Faber Extremas, Electa Amator 1, Acoustat 2+2. Room is 14' x 25' x 8. I hope my "taste" in speakers helps. looking for the more musical, dynamic, accurate of these 2 fine speakers. Thanks Scot
With Accuphase and Rowland, you ought to look at Avalon of which the Opus or Eidolon (in particular) would outclass either the Eggleston or Dunleavy. I own the DP-75V and have used the Model 10, within its power envelope, to drive my Avalons with good result. The Model 9 would have been a much better match. Now I am using the Accuphase A-50V- perfect. But I have high regard for the Model 9- would love to hear the Model 302.
Well, I not so sure that the 'Linkster' is on target. It depends a great deal on speaker placement in your room. The Dunlavy SC-5s are capable of loading the room much differently than the other speakers mentioned. More specifically they like a wide stance. By that I mean if you can widely seperate them on the long wall and toe them in, you will find that they can throw an amazingly realistic image of the source material. They also can outperform the other speakers in low base prescence and detail. At this level all of the speakers are able to make great music. The Dunlavy's, however, have the 'potential' to step it up a rung.
Andra and Dunlavy are good speakers,you cant go wrong
either way,I own the Andra with good power amp this
are hard to beat, very transparent,once you hear the
Andra you will realise the Dunlavy are not tranparent
enough,I heard the SCIV,but maybe the SC5 are different,
When I was looking for speakers,I brought the Andra
home and audition them side by side with onother speaker
BMW802,the result is not even close, the Andra won in
every category.My advise to you listen to both of them,
Good Luck
Dunlavy 5 is much better than the Dunlavy 4 speakers having previously owned both speakers I don't really understand the previous post "not transparent enough" quote maybe he meant the detail resolution wasn't enough I understand this as they don't have exceptional detail resolution when compared against ribbon or electrostatic type speakers [this can be good for certain music types and lesser quality recordings] but the Dunlavy 6 paired with Rowland 9's was the most transparent speaker amplifier combination I've ever heard anywhere before. the five has much improved dynamics over the model 4 and little better detail revolution also. The 5 also has better bass definition and impact,the bass with Rowland 9's is exceptional you wouldn't be disappointed. the Dunlavy speakers are extremely musical also definitely
Change the binding posts to Cardas rhodium for a surprising improvement if going Dunlavy.