Eggleston Andra III vs Magico V3 vs VA The Music

My system currently consists of McIntosh 501's driving Aerial 10T's, with a multi-channel amp driving Aerial CC5 center and SR3 surrounds. For 2 channel music, I use a Linn Akurate DS.

I'm interested in upgrading speakers and considering the EgglestonWork Andra III, Magico V3 and Vienna Acoustics 'the Music.' I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has compared any combination of these 3 speakers. I've only heard the V3's briefly driven by VTL 450's and a 7.5 pre-amp.

I have not compared these speakers but I own the Andra lll and find them to be musical, detailed and provide a full soundstage.

Let us know what you decide.
Magico v3 faster smoother better highs.
I'd encourage you to add the Avalon Indra's to your audition list. A friend and I did auditioning of Indra's and the Magico and the Indra's comfortably won the day - faster and tighter bass and stunning realism. Haven't heard either of your other options I'm sorry.
Thanks for the feedback. I heard the Avalon Eidolon with Accuphase amp/pre-amp/sacd player in the same shop as the Magico's with VTL amp/pre-amp and actually preferred the sound of the Magico's. May have been the tubes, but the Magico's sounded more musical to me.

Given that I'm combining my 2 channel and HT set-ups, I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has the Vienna Acoustics 'The Music' and matching center speaker. I'm not familiar with Eggleston's center channel speakers.
Cavl, IMHO you may want to hear the Avalon's with the VTL, as you heard them W/ The Magico's. I am sure the dealer you went to may be a great dealer, but he can't expect you to make your actual choice this way.
I am an Avalon Eidolon owner and I can tell you flat out that you cannot compare the Indra's to the Eidolons. The Indras incorporates newer technology based on the ISIS and sound markedly better to my ears. If you are going to drag race V3's and Avalon you need to do it with the Indra's and not the Eidolon's. Using the same VTL equipment is strongly recommended as well.