Eggleston Andra III

My room is 14*21*8 feet. Is it large enough for Andra III. My current set up is Bryston BCD-1+BP26+7B SST2. Is this good to drive Andra III. Thank you in advance!
Giving up on the Thiel 3.7 already? What happened?
Andra's very nice speaker, I have not heard the 3's but owned the 2's and they are a great speaker indeed.

No problem with that room, I would recomend you look a a tube pre of some sort also.

Audio Research is very nice and pairs up nicely with Bryston, connected via balanced cables.

You can scan threw my threads and others in relation to both, I don't know many whom own the Andra 3's though.

I am leaving the states. I may need to sell out all my stuff, and build up a new system in my mother land.