Eggleston Andra II and Pass Labs XA160's

Has anyone heard this combination? I currently have the Eggleston Rosas but am considering upgrading to the Andra II's.
Never heard them together, but if I were thinking of money-is-no-object SS, I'd be thinking that combination would be mighty.
Andra IIs & XA-160s...the very combination that had this tube die-hard considering SS as well. Sounds absolutely beautiful, IMO.
Wondered if you ever auditioned the Andra IIs and how they compared to the Rosa. I have been thinking about a pair of Rosas but am worried that they would lack some in the lower-end (mostly listen to classic rock, jazz, etc). I have read a lot of reviews on the Andra, but there are no stores locally that carry them.
I have not heard the Andras. Since I posted this thread, I have reconsidered. I have a relatively small room and the Andras may be too much speaker. The Rosas have plenty of bass, but my issues are more room related so I am considering some room treatment solutions. If you have the space, I would definately listen to the Andra II's.