Eggleston Andra 2 with Tenor or Lamm ???

Just bought new Andras II. Does anybody heard them with
Tenor 75 or Lamm M1.1 ???
I have CJ Premier 140, listening room is pretty big and high. Do you recommend tubes or solid state on Andras, and
what amp is the best match? I would feed amp directly from Accuphase DP85 without preamp.
Thank You and Greetings from Croatia
as much as i like the a large room the Lamm M1.1 will most likely be better on the Andra 2's....the Tenor's will be sweeter and have slightly better clarity and resolution.......but the Lamm will have a better control in a large space.....and still excellent clarity and resolution.

the Tenor has a certain 'glow' to the mid-range and the Lamm can sound a little 'polite' for some tastes.

if you primarily listen to small jazz combo and small scale classical that might favor the Tenor.
"...Tenor's will be sweeter and have slightly better clarity and resolution..." "...Lamm polite...?" Says who? Lamm's are THE BEST freakin' amplifiers in the freakin' world!

Going direct...? Bad idea!
I have the Eggleston Andra (not Mk II) and used the Tenor 75's for about 3 weeks (thanks Frankie you meathead!) Overall, the sound was magical but the bass was loose and there was not enough of it (I am not a bass hound either). Unless the Andra 2 made a significant improvement in the bass cabinet's efficiency, you need more juice. I am fully aware of the upgrade changes- the keys were increasing the volume of the cabinet and sealing it up. In short, I am afraid that the amp and speaker are not a good match.
Now, I HAVE heard the tenor 75's and stero 150 hybrids on Kharma midi grands and exquisite ref 1D's. There is where you will hear the pinnacle of system synergy between amp and speaker. Where the Tenors sound loose (in the bass only- everywhere else they sound superb) on my Andras, they absoulutely deliver with the Kharmas (as I am sure Mike can attest). This just confirms the importance of system synergy. Dont forget, my ears are not your ears, each room is different and, blah, blah, blah. Just FYI,I use a Krell FPB600 and it sounds very natural, open and accurate. (the preamp is a Hovland HP100 which may contribute a bit to my bass issue. Again, I just don't think the Tenor has enough gas for the Egglestons in the lower registers. How does your CJ sound? Do you not like it or do you just have the uprgrade bug like most of us? I would suggest big VTL's like the 450's or the big Manley Neo Classics, maybe even the Parasound JC-1's. All of these options cost less and probably match better to the Andra. If your heart is set on the Tenors, then you better look for another loudspeaker. So to answer your questions, don't choose the Tenor, solid state sounds remarkably good with the Andra even though I am a tube lover at heart, and choose what you like!
Just my two cents. Brian
I had the Andra I's in my room for a few weeks driven by the Tenor 300 Hybrids and it was great. But these are much more powerful than the 75's, and even with the improved effeciency of the II's, I agree with Mike, I don't think the 75's will be enough to drive them. If your budget is flexible, a used pair of 300's would do it. The Lamms are also fabulous amps, and would certainly drive them better than the 75's. But if you can afford it, I personally think the 300's would sound better. I have heard the 2 amps A/B'd side by side, and prefered the Tenors and agree again with Mike. I don't own either.
The Tenor 75s are not a good match with the Andras for several reasons, some given above. The speakers are known to work well with refined big solid state amplifiers and are likely a good match with Lamm and CAT. I haven't heard enough Tenor hybrids to comment, other than to say some respected ears prefer the 75 OTLs where the load is a bit easier.