Eggestonworks Andria 1

Just wondering do Andria 1 come standard with speaker spikes? All do you purchase after market ones, thanks for any answers
Yes the Andras come with spikes. From my memory, the threads on the spike were rather larger in diameter. You would be able to use after market ones, but they most likely will not fit in the original threaded locations.

I only used the supplied ones.
If you take off the outside cone the screws underneath are 1/4-20. However you have to get long threaded rods 1 1/2" long. I have used 2"Audio Points, SS Stillpoints and now I am using AnCan Large size SS.
Thank you both for your reply will look into.
K rose - One more option: no spikes but instead place your speakers on these:

I experienced an obvious and immediate improvement when I placed my Eggleston Fontaines (Andra's little brother) on these over their original spikes. Robert also has a newer and improved version, "Back-STAGE Platforms" if you wish.
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