Eggelston Andre 1

Any feed back from current or previous owners of Eggelston Andre 1 speaker, would appreciate some power amp options that work well with them, I would be looking at second hand, like to try class D, heard a pair Arion class D, on the weekend on different speakers (two way),wasn't bad,I am open to option.
Thanks for feed back
FYI - The name of the speaker is Andra, (not Andre).

I use the Andra II version, and I use Lamm M2.1 hybrid monoblock amplifiers. (They are 200 wpc each.) Great synergy between them, IMHO. (I know an Audio reveiwer who used to use the 110 wpc Lamm M1.2 monoblocks with his Andra II speakers). Regardless of which amplifiers you get, I recommend at least 100 wpc as the minimum, and if you can go to 200 wpc, so much the better. They need a bit of power to get the most bass response that these speakers are capable of!

FYI, the Andra II version is a sealed speaker design, whereas the original version, (as well as the third version), are ported designs. Don't know if that matters much, but figured I would mention it nonetheless.

Good Luck in your search.

PS I should point out that these can be very revealing speakers, (not quite Avalon Eidolon ruthlessly revealing, but close), which means they're capable of pointing out any electronics, (especially amps), that are not really in the same class as these speakers. (So try not to go too cheap on the amps!)
Thanks that gives me a starting point.
I owned the Eggleston Rosa for many years and I agree with Kurt that this brand benefits from lots of power. I used Pass Labs Class A amplifiers with my Rosa and they sounded great. You could look for a used X350.5. Eggleston and Pass used to be paired together at shows a lot.