Egads - Changing rooms for the worse...

So, just when I thought I had a system I love, despite some minor tweaks, I've decided to move in with my girlfriend. My system is on the virtual systems (click system next to my name below). Sadly, the only available room to install my system is a 8x14 room with a low 9' ceiling. This is a HUGE change, as I have Revel Studios in a large room, and this room is quite small (in my opinion). I'm looking for help on:

1) Will the Revels work in a room of this size?
2) What should I do to improve system performance once I move in?

I'm open to trying something new and different, even small tubed monoblocks and new speakers.

9' is still a decently high ceiling to me. The 8' wall dimension is a bummer though. If I were you, I would install the system and live with it a while first, possibly set up along both the short and long walls, before jumping to any conclusions. At the very least, you might decide you need some new room treatments. OTOH, if you need someone you can loan this system to for while until you make it back into a larger room, drop me a line...
Find a new girlfriend...don't move in! Your ears and sanity will thank you later.
Why not have the pretty one move in with you? Your life improves without compromising the system.
Hahaha, Albert! :) The pretty one lives 3 blocks from Venice Beach in Los Angeles, has 1000 sq/ft more than I, but has two furry cats with sharp claws, a living room that is completely unsuitable to such a large system, and an insatiable hatred for wires. Could I position a system in her living room, I would, but there really isn't a place to put it, the cats will paw my speaker grills and sit on my warm amp sending fuzz into my circuits, and she'll howl continuously when she has to live with my custom Hologram II shotgun biwire setup. She asked me if I could put them in the walls...please, at $200/ft with a huge, inflexible gauge, how can i put them in the walls??? Hence the need to consider something a bit tinier, as smaller isn't necessarily worse...
Well, it's decision time for you. You can keep the current girlfriend and buy a Bose Wave radio, or keep your system and find a woman who appreciates good sound and those thick, masculine audio cables!
Nice advice guys...I love it all. Its definitely tough, however, you must trust your ears...Naw, just kidding, if the woman is worth it...well, what can you do but compromise, right? And apparently she is worth, keep the system in the small room, it'll be fine..especially if you can keep others out and have it all to yourself, that's more important than having it the large room and finding that you don't have the quality time to sit an listen...
good luck
That room (8&9')should give you a nice little boost in the 60-70 hz region.

They say love is blind.

Maybe it's deaf too.

Have you considered hanging them upside down from the ceiling?

Let us know.

I remain,
Just one more piece of advice coming from my experience with my wife. She had two cats and when we got married she never told me that one of the cats loved to bite cables. Well, $1000 dollars later after chewing through my interconnect I learned the hard way. I had to finally make socks to put around all my speaker cables and interconnects so it wouldn't happen again. Good luck to you and I hope she's worth it. I lived in Hermosa where there was a lot of good looks lacking brains to support them.