efficient speakers for Shanling MC-30??

I'm picking up a Shanling MC-30 for my bedroom system. It has only 3 w/ch output power. I'd like to try this without a power amp so I'm looking for a decent pair of speakers for it. Is there anything beyond the efficiency spec I should be looking at?

Since this is my secondary, bedroom system I am quite happy with modest volumes and the goal is minimum # of components, to avoid clutter. Clean, accurate sound is most important. Looking for a modest size bookshelf speaker. I'll try it without power amp first. If need be, I can add a power amp down the road.

Any thoughts on this one?


I can't say "for sure" since I have never owned the MC-30, however I have used the Reference 3A MM De Capo with as little as 1.5w/ch. and it was great at moderate volume. I think the Triangle Titus would work too, but haven't actually used it with a flee powered tube amp.


Look at the Rega speakers. I brought in an MC30 for a customer of ours and it ran our R7s to nice levels. I figure if it can drive those, any of the other smaller models will run fine too. Fun, dynamic speakers that don't mind much being tucked in closer to the wall behind them.
havent even finished the first system and you are on a second one already....
Reference 3A is a great call.
Also look for the Reimer speakers in the used market. Great sound and very efficient
Riley8034 .... Absolutely ! : )

Picked up a used pair of Energy RC Minis. Waiting for it all to arrive and then I'll try it out.