Efficient Match for Shanling Mono TUBES ?

Hello all! I have just entered the world of tubes, and have found it is just another level of insanity. I was lured into this realm with the purchase of a Modified Shanling SCD-T200 (Level One Mod by Parts Connexion) tube SACD player. The sound is wonderful. It lead me to purchase a inexpensive Sophia Electric Integrated Amp, to test the waters. The sound was unbelievable. I have now purchased a set of Shanling SP-80 Mono's to replace the Sophia. I currently have Linn 5140 Floorstanding speakers and am considering an upgrade. Any suggestions on what to consider keeping efficiency in mind (Monoblocs are 50 WPC) I am going to keep the Sophia amp as a second system. I am looking for some smaller bookshelf speakers with good efficiency to pair with this 35 watt amp. Any suggestions?
I have Shanling SP-80 monoblocs. I run them with Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods and Ensemble Voiceflux cables. After trying various NOS tubes in the driver stage I have found a few favourites. Right now they are JAN Raytheons.

There is a simple mod for the SP-80 that I am hoping to get to soon. It involves bypassing the built-in volume control. Have you tried, it, by any chance ?
I have not. I run the cd player directly to the Amps so, I need the volume connected. Anyone else have experience?
I am running Chris Johnson Modded Shanling SP80 monoblocks with Meadowlark Blue Heron II and a Music Hall Maverick SACD player, also modded by Chris Johnson. The tubes were upgraded at the time the mods were put in, and I am enjoying the sound.
I have a TAD Signature 150 tube preamp from Bizzy Bee, and feel that this is a set up I can stay with for quite a while. See "system under my user name for details about my set up. Thanks, Mario
If you like Sophia Electric sound, you should look into Sophia Electric made SET Princess Model one or Model Two speakers designed for tube amplifiers.