Efficient Full Range Speakers

I own a pair of Meadowlark Nighthawk speakers. They are the model right below the Heron models. I am thinking of trading up from the Nighthawks to one of the Heron models. Besides liking the way they sound, I also like that I don't have to use my "big" power amps to drive them.

I don't have any way to compare the Heron models to what I currently own and I know that Meadowlark is out of business which concerns me some in case I ever need replacement drivers.

I want to upgrade and since I already like what I have I feel that the Heron models are probably more of what I already have. They are also in my price range of around $2K.

What other speakers would you recommend that I try and listen to that are efficient. I don't what to get into horns, etc., but a similar looking speaker to the Meadowlarks. I also own Alon V MKIIs and Vandy Vs but they require more power than the Meadowlarks.

If you have any experience with the Meadowlark Heron models, that would be helpful as well as any other recommendations. I know that I have not stated exactly what I am looking for so for basic clarification I want more of what I have which right now is a very musical speaker, excellent mid-range, average to good high frequencies, the speakers image like crazy and disappear, bass is fast, tuneful, goes somewhat deep, wide and deep soundstage, and they reproduce whatever you send into them.

Thank you in advance and Happy Listening.

Just FWIW, 'Efficient Full Range Speakers' describes a class of speakers that use a single driver running full range with no crossover. Examples are Lowther and PHY. But it sounds like this is not what you are talking about...

Audiokinesis makes and has made speakers that might be what you are looking for. Not sure about the price, but if you can find a set used they could fit the bill nicely. His speakers are musical in the ways you are asking about and they are easy to drive. Good Luck!
Thanks, I am not looking for the single driver speakers so my heading may be an issue. I will take a look at your recommendation and thanks for your reply.
You might also look at Tekton, Zu Audio, Sonist. I haven't heard the Meadowlarks but I have heard/owned the ones I mention.
Worth putting on your list of possibilities.
hey old friend. When I sold my Talons (like we both used to own) I got a pair of Coincidents & never looked back - over 7 yrs now w/the same pair.
Agree with Pehare,Coincident speakers are high effiency and high impedance load(easy to drive). they are very musically natural,transparent and disappear in a room.
Silverline Sonatas as well as Coincident come to mind instantly.
Thanks forgot about those speakers. CHarles1dad, ho wis the coincident preamp sounding? I am almost done with building mine and I now wind my own transformers which make it even better. To bad you not close to NJ so we can hear them together.

Pehare, my friend purchased my Talons as he has a bigger room and they worked so much better in the larger room. When I go visit they still sound great.
The Coincident linestage is truly fabulous.Given your design parameters I believe your preamp is very special.I`m a believer in DHT tube preamps with interstage transformers.Best wishes and sucess with this new component.
Zu is doing a house tour in Princeton, NJ.
I will second the Audiokinesis speakers. You will have a tough time finding a set used, but they are very reasonably priced new. I have driven mine with a variety of amps from low watt SET to high power solid state. All with great results. Currently I use either a 30 watt OTL or 12 watt SET. Amazingly musical.
I'm not sure I agree with Atmasphere's definition of "Efficient Full Range Speakers". Perhaps that description would be better applied to: "Efficient Full Range Single Driver Speakers", which I have yet to be convinced actually exists for practical use.
Hey Sebrof,

How does Sonist sound compared to Zu's? Any brightness issue with Zu's?
I can't comment on Sonist too much, I only heard them at a show and they sounded like they were powered by cream...so smooth. Price, timing and accessibility prevented me from buying them.
I didn't find the Zu Omens bright, I liked them as well. But at moderate to high volums I thought the cabinet was an issue.