Efficiency/Setup: VMPS 626R vs Klipsch KG4

Hi, I have recently hooked up a pair of VMPS 626R's to my Denon 2112ci home theater receiver. Previously I had been running a pair of Klipsch KG4's. The audio from the VMPS speakers is great, but not terribly loud at the same level - have to turn up the amp quite a bit more to power these at a nice level. My observation is that the VMPS's are incredibly detailed and accurate, with amazing instrument and vocal separation and realism but quite a small soundstage. I feel the KG4s have a much fuller and "bigger" soundstage.

My question(s) is, does this sound about right? I had expected the VMPS's to be on par with the Klipsch with loudness and soundstage.

Otherwise, I'm finding the VMPSs pretty amazing speakers and clearly have some significant advantages over the KG4s.

Any input/suggestions/guidance appreciated. I'm playing blu-ray video and 24bit/96khz music from DVD-A, SACD, and HDTracks sources.

thx. Look fwd to learning and improving my home audio setup.
The 626R's in my opinion are indeed pretty special. The Denon may just not be up to the task of driving them as you might like (which would not shock me, I believe). You may be in a position to add a 2-ch amp to the Denon that is better suited. If that doesn't suit you, you may need to look further than the usual Denon/Yamaha/Sony receiver suspects and get something higher current...even many vintage receivers are not out of the question, but you are not limited to them. A comparatively high-current amp would solve the small soundstage problem, a sign the Denon amp (as well as its power supply) is not up to par for the 626's. Hope this helps.