effective mass and cartridge compliance

Hi all,
I eventually in a year or so intend to get a new arm and table but for now would just like to get a new cartridge. I have a sumiko LMT tonearm with an effective mass of 9.0 grams. A light weight indeed. It can handle a cartridge from 4.75-10 grams and at present has an Ortofon Kontrapunt a. I have a Thor 3000 phono preamp and Hovland MusicGroove2 phono cable.
I am thinking of the following, Shelter 9000, Orotofon Jubilee, Lyra Skala or Helikon, London Decca Jubilee, or ZYX airy 3xs.
I have been told there would be compliance issues, how would they effect the sound, and system. Would it damage the cartridge. Am I being overly concerned or should I just go ahead and put the cart before the arm/table.
Table is a Sonograph SG-3 by Conrad-Johnson which is actually a modified Sota Comet.
Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
Well, the arm is a little light for some of your candidates. There is an excellent interactive arm/cartridge matching application right on the www.cartridgedb.com website, however.

What you want is something that will work well now and also in the future -- a cartridge with somewhat higher compliance. That would be any of the van den Huls, and in your price range, the Frog would be the one to get.
Also this for additional information:

Dear Uru975: My advise is that if you don't have any problem running your Kontrapunkt a and you like the Ortofon sound then you can go for the Jubille that is a higher compliance and can mate better with your LMT. Btw, this is a very fine cartridge that could give you years of pleasure, when you change your TT/tonearm the Jubille will give you even better quality music sound reproduction.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thank you for your help.

Nsgarach, thank you for the recommendation of the Frog, it seems to fit for what I am looking for for now. It will also allow me to keep this arm and get a new arm/cartridge combo for the next turntable and still be an excellent fit. Thanks. I have been unable to access that website, this was not the case sometime earlier, so is it still up or is it me?

Stevecham, Thanks for their how to sites, a guy can learn a lot much appreciated.

Rauliruegas, I like the thought, the Jubilee was the one I was most likely to come down on had the Frog not been mentioned. I am now deciding between them.

Much thanks to all it has helped narrow my thinking while expanding my view
Regards Michael
Gee, Uru the cartridgedb website IS down! Let's keep a watch, I hope it comes back ;--)