Effect of static on cd players

If I have static charge& touch a cd player, will I damage it?
Does the charge go to ground like a computer case?
A couple of years ago I touched my CD player and had a big electrostatic zap. The CD player's electronics were damaged to the point that I had to send it back to the manufacturer for a repair.

I would suggest you try to discharge yourself before touching your cd player.


I'm having a problem with static, but seems like my cdp doesn't mind (so far). I have a wool rug and build up charge like crazy-sometimes I see the spark fly 1/4 inch.

I have tried to remember to ground myself... in fact, I ran a ground wire to touch before I touch my cdp, but don't remember to do it.

I guess it depends on the player (the chassis of my player is very heavy... lots of metal to keep ambient charges away from delicate circuitry).

good luck,
also what about the effect on amplifiers? Why don't manufacturers design prevent this?