Effect of coiling power cords?

For convenience much of my gear is plugged into power strips that are, in turn, plugged into a power conditioner or wall socket.  In many cases the power cords are substantially longer than need be, so I've coiled them up into small spools, say 4-5" diameter, and fixed them with zip ties.  I'm doing this in 3 systms - one simple and small, another complex and extremely resolving and an A/V setup.  I'm not a big believer in fancy power cords, but it occurred to me that this is creating several inductors that could conceivably interact with each other, introducing noise, crosstalk, hum, or whatever.  What I'm doing doesn't sound very exotic, yet I can never remember hearing anything about about such effects.  Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention.  FWIW, I don't have any hum or noise anyplace unless I turn the volume to max on phono inputs.  And even that is teeny.

Anyway, does anybody know anything about what impact coiling the power cords might have?  Whatever the case, it seems like the best practice would be the shortest, straightest run from plug to equipment.  But again, I've never heard anything about real world impact on SQ. Cheers,

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Do not think this could be advantageous as it will introduce more inductance  that is never good.Good luck though!!