Eera Tentation cd player - any thoughts?

Hallo everyone. I've just upgraded my lp front end to a level that I don't think I can easily improve beyond. Along with all the best attributes of analogue, it has much of the precision of the best cd.
Now I'm looking for a cd player that can demonstrate an excellent analogue sensibility. Currently running an Emm Labs CDSA SE, which although v. listenable, has the tonal thinness thru the mids that all cd I've heard is prone to.
Players I've never got on with incl. Meridian, Wadia, DCS, AMR etc.
So now I hear of the EERA TENTATION which according to no less than the analogue afficionado Albert Von Schweikert really has a tonal density and transparency to rate right up there with the best of analogue.
Who here has heard it, and what are your impressions?
I'm also looking at the NEODIO NR22 which I gather also has many of analogue's best traits.
Here's a review if you haven't seen it already.
Yep, aware of the one and only Eng. language review.
Surely others have an opinion, it seems to be selling to those dissatisfied in comparison with much more expensive rigs (DCS etc).
AudioPlay in the UK will be comparing the Eera Tentation and Neodio NR22 players in the not-too-distant future.

Here's an impression of the Eera Tentation from a beta tester.
This quote (from the above link) IMHO, is an excellent description of what's
going on with digital:

"What, in my opinion, is a major advantage of Analog (Vinyl) over CD
Playback is actually the micro-dynamics.  Digital can often be superior on
macrodynamic shifts and was one of the reasons along with superior signal
to noise ratio that CD and Digital promised “perfect sound forever”. 
However, the moment to moment shifts in more subtle dynamics that I think
of as the breath and life of the music I believe is much better portrayed on
Vinyl/Analog.  As an analogy, consider a computer monitor or TV screen
with very course pixels where each pixel can be clearly seen.  Now picture
a TV Screen (such as Plasma or LCD) in 1080p HD where the pixels have
become so small they can no longer be seen.  The microdynamic changes
in Digital playback are like the course pixels and on Vinyl/Analog playback,
whereas the microdynamics from Vinyl/Analog flow from an infinite
continuum.  The Eera Tentation CD Player comes the closest to this infinite
continuum of microdynamic shades and changes of Vinyl/Analog by a
remarkable margin over any other Digital System I have heard.  This
feature is among its most, if not the most, of its mesmerizing attributes and
drew me deeply, intensely, and enthusiastically into each piece of music,
moment by moment."
I would like to compare the tentation with an Ayon CD5s with n o s tubes which sounds pretty sweet IMO has anyone done this:?,
Rx8man, can you send me a precise link to audioplay uk, I'm struggling to find it.
I'll call Albert.
I don't understand using a CD player at this level compared to the convenience of a stored library, buffering, error correction, playback software with upsampling.

Go to The Computer Audiophile for more detailed information.
Vic, I don't have any affinity with computers, even with 5" discs I love to handle software like my trusty vinyl.
So for me computer audio is not the thing, but I'm aware I'm in a minority.
From what I can gather the Eera is a real giant killer, apparently extracting more analogue like musical detail from Redbook than many upsampled computer audio rigs can manage from 24/96.
You can understand my interest I hope?
Albert informed me Audio Play is creating a new website, not sure when it will be finished.

The better news is Audio Play will compare the Eera Tentation and NeoDio NR22 shortly, Albert will get the results and let me know.
I´ve compared the Wadia 7i, the DCS Puccini, AudioAero La Fontaine and alle found them rather less musical than the former top-of-the-range model from Eera, namely the DL-2. Now I´ve had the chance to get my hands on the Eera Tentation. It is by far the best CD player that I´ve ever listened to.
I ended up buying it.
Vic, I am very interested in great sound. I am very appreciative that audiophiles are pioneering and advancing computer audio,and will probably someday go to computer audio myself. I do use lossless iTunes for on the road and to deliver meditation workshops, but right now these are some of my objections.
1. Currently I enjoy simplicity. I have an Ayon CD5's which has transport, Dac, and Preamp all-in-one, saving multiple PC's and IC's and resulting, with other strategies, in a dead quiet, ultra clean background.
2 I often spend 12 hours a day on computer for work and find it more relaxing and enjoyable to be away from computers and feel and see the physical media when listening to music.
3. The thought of transferring 3,000 discs to storage is daunting and I have never seen a drive that was not subject to failure and easy theft.I have experienced trouble with backups when they were eventually needed.
4. I am in a 3mbs zone where it takes forever to transfer large files such as High Res. Re-buying all of my favorites as downloads and having restricted access to new music, compared to the availability on CD at this time is not appealing.
5. Computer tech is changing so fast and there are so many many options that for the uninitiated it is a highly complex and moving target with a whole new vocabulary that is also intimidating - and for me the hobby is already obsessive enough!
6. It is highly likely that computer audio will be substantially cheaper, better, and simpler in a year or two and new formats such as DSD and Blue Ray audio and BD CD's may dictate different approaches.
I hope this helps you understand why some intelligent music lovers might be reluctant to jump on computer audio at this time, even with the promise of audio nirvana.
Gammajo, I couldn't have said it better, maybe one day, but there is too much changing software and languages to keep up with.

For now, I'll stay with my CEC belt drive and 16/44 NOS Dac, sounds real to me.