I'm a HUGE Eels fan. No doubt about it.

If your a vinyl fan of Eels, check out the very last track of the "bonus" lp.

A cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well".

This is F$@^()_)*&^ Awesome!!!

I love it!

The very last track of a the new Eels's lp, I always knew was behind the surface!

I love them too, are you referring to, "Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett" ?

Eels and Fleetwood Mac?

Two of my top 5 favorite bands ever.
Thanks for the heads up - I'll check it out straight away.

My standard Eels tip: if you haven't heard MOE's solo albums (performed under the name "E"), you should give them a listen immediately. More straight power pop records than anything from Eels, both are just about perfect examples of that genre. Both "A Man Called E" and "Broken Toy Shop" are among my long-term favorites. E collaborates extensively with Parthenon Huxley on the former, and he's a major talent in his own right.
Interesting take on the song. I can see why MOE chose it, even tho it's not necessarily the first pairing I would have though of between song and singer.

BTW, anyone know who plays the lead on that? There's nothing useful on their website or Wikipedia.