EE MiniMax Dac Tube Rolling?

Has anyone had success rolling tubes in this DAC and if so what did you find to be the best?
I have tried quite a few and really like the Mullard CV4003 Platinum Grade from Upscale Audio the best. I also like the new Psvane 12AU7 from Grant Fidelity.

The Mullard is a little sweeter and warmer, while the Psvane has more detail.

Op-Amp rolling makes a HUGE difference too. There are a couple of forum threads on here about that subject. Just do a search.
In your search for the perfect tube for the EE Dac, you should consider no tube at all... or at least try listening for a bit without one.

Many here seem to derive significant benefit from a swap to more capable opamps. LME49990's have worked out particularly well for me, but others have indicated their prefs for a variety different, but compelling, combos.

Losing the tube spontaneously ended my arduous search, along with the ever growing hole in my pocket, and led to a much cleaner, clearer and more satisfying sound.
Ok so took me a bit to respond as I was actually awaiting the MiniMax's arrival as I had just purchased it when I first posted. I have to it sounded pretty darn good with the stock tube and yes even a bit cleaner without it. Playing is is SS mode actually you did not seem to lose a thing while the bottom most particularly became much more articulate. The mids remained just scrumptous and the top end was just as shimmery. This is one dang fine DAC! I could not be happier with it and Njs you are absolutely correct in that I see no need to try rolling tubes in it. Truthfully I don't really even see a need to try any different opamps.. maybe some day but not today :)
Glad you are enjoying the DAC. It really is an excellent piece of gear.

I have also tried it without the tube, but still prefer it with the Mullard, in my system. It is indeed nice sounding in the SS mode, but the tube gives me that "analog" sound that I crave. I'm willing to give up a little detail and bottom end to get that warmth and romance.

Just my preference...YMMV
Has anyone ever put a 12AX7 tube in their stock EE MiniMax DACs? I was loaned one yesterday, gave it a quick listen and when I put in a NOS GE 6189 tube or a RCA Grey plate old stock tube the sound from the EE MiniMax as so so. It was like blankets were thrown over my headphones. I would switch to the solid state dac and the music would sound fine. The tubes I used worked perfectly well in other tube preamps I had so I don't know if I just need a higher gain tube.

I don't have any 12AT7 tubes laying around so I can't try those.

Thanks in advance.