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As someone who just fairly recently was able to resume my audiophile addiction after a 12+ year hiatus, I find the advancement in formats & technology a bit confusing at times. So, I started re-educating myself by reading Harley's book, the short version, and have subscribed to and read The Absolute Sound & Stereophile. Although both of these have a profound bias towards analog - I lean more towards the digital realm - I do find them to good resources.

My question is, would you folks please make suggestions on additional resources? I wouldbe open to print &/or web-based.

Thanks in advance!

Toole's book 'Sound Reproduction' is a must read. This book nails everything you must know on the speaker/room end. Without Toole's knowledge everything else will not make sense.
Another excellent book is Jim Smith's "Getting Better Sound". It comes with a money back guarantee so you got nothing to loose.

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Jim Bailey
Go to, then the link to anthem. Find the article on "a taste of tubes".
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Webzines (beyond TAS and Sterophile online):

For computer audio:

Hope this helps
Thank you for your responses. I will certainly check out those resources.