Editing WAV or other PC Files?

Does anyone know how to edit or extract discrete passages from WAV or other computer based audio files?

In addition to my usual audio gear, I have a hand held digital recorder for conversations, lectures, etc. and would like to know how to extract and save only portions of the file under a new filename.

On the web, I have also found the audio soundtracks from old movies and it would be fun to extract famous quotes etc.

Thanks for any advice.
I use the professional version of Sound Forge, from Sony (originally developed by Sonic Foundry, before Sony purchased them). It costs $300, but the consumer version ($55) may very well suit your purposes. There are lots of other choices out there as well, including some that are free. But the Sony/Sonic Foundry programs (both the audio editing programs and also their video editing programs) are highly regarded, powerful, flexible, relatively easy to learn and use, and exceptionally stable.


-- Al
Nero CD burning software has a Wave editing program that will work fine for that. I use it often to take out the blasted gaps (often times minutes of)of silence before those "hidden" tracks on CD's.
Try audacity. It is free and feature rich.

if you're talking about taking one large wav and break it to pieces, you could use "sound recorder" to do this. it's free and it's already on your computer. i think it's under accessories > entertainment. it's not the best, but it'll allow you to edit and extract sections from wav files.