Edge Sig 1 Preamp - Anyone have it or heard it ???

I am considering the Edge Signature One Preamp and have not talked with anyone who has heard it. The reviews have been pretty positive but I would enjoy some personal thoughts from Audiogon members who have experienced it.

I do not have an Edge Dealer nearby and am considering this as an Audiogon purchase.

I would be happy to share my system components for synergy but would enjoy hearing what your heard it with.

Many thanks!
I have heard the Signature One in the Edge Eletronics demo room at CES. It was exceptionally smooth and quiet especially in the battery mode. It would depend on the components that you are using in conjunction with it in your system. I am looking to purchase one once I sell of my current preamp.
Naperaudio, I would strongly suggest you give a call to Audio Federation and talk to Neli regarding the Edge pre-amp. Audio federation is an Edge dealer, they have their demo on sell right now, they arrange home auditions, and finally you will never work with more knowledgeable and trustable people then Neli and Mike. I bought my Edge NL-10 from them and often talk to Neli regarding many subjects in the world of audio because of her expertise and open-mindedness regarding many different brands of audio gear. Hope this helps.
The Edge Signature 1 preamp is the quietest preamp I have ever heard. It is very smooth, and very clear. At the current prices it is very hard, if not impossible, to beat.
Hey guys (Fedreams, Teajay and Jeffreyb) many thanks for your posts and perspectives!

Teajay......first of all, NL-10 amps, VERY NICE!!! (I'm jealous!) I was looking at one of the other Sig 1's on Audiogon and hate to talk with Neli or Mike unless I wanted to buy their unit (you know the gig, I don't want to use their expertise to buy someone else's component). But if I do want to pay a 'little more' I'll give them a buzz.

Guys.....with all your thoughts, I thought I had made my decision on the Sig One. The only thing that is putting a little damper on it, is that having just received my new amps (Krell FBP 250M monoblocks) I just talked to Krell and they STRONGLY reccomend a balanced preamp for the output to the their amps (mind you, they weren't pushing their preamp), but only that the Full Balanced Power 250M's truly perform their best with a completely balanced preamp.

So, I'm now considering the Roland Synergy. We'll see which wins my 'internal battle'!

Thanks again,
Dave, since I gather you're in Naperville you might want to visit Music Direct in Chicago, who is an Edge dealer, although it's unknown whether they have that unit on hand...

If you are curious to hear a CTC Blowtorch, I'm just up the road from you in Barrington... They are not sold through dealers, so there's nothing in it for me, but I thought you might be interested...