Edge Preamps ?

Does anyone own or has demo'd the Edge preamps and what was your thoughts & comparisons.

Thank you in advance
i thought the sig 1.1 was a fabulous sounding preamp. didn't care for aesthetics or remote, but on battery power it will acquit itself nicely against anything.
A number of years ago I borrowed an Edge preamp, I think the model was Si-1m. As I recall, it was very clean, had good inner detail and note attack but lacked musical emotion. With my SS amp it was uninvolving, but with my tube amp it made decent music. I chose not to buy it because I felt there were better value preamps

Thanks all for the responses
I found out Edge is no longer in business
Edge's website is still up.

I know the original designer of Edge is now making amps called Maker Audio. He's also coming out with a preamp.
Maker Audio is making amps using the laser like the Edge amps used to

I thought the Edge Signature 1.1 preamp was the best preamp Edge made.
But i saw Edge made this ultra high end preamp called the
Edge Reference preamp. Someone is selling it on Audiogon now.
Here's a link about it.