Edge M series amps, how good are they?

I can find very little in the archives or in reviews on this series of Edge amps. They look like bank vaults as far as build quality is concerned, but how do they sonud? Why so little talk about them?
If you have experience with the line (especially the M series) or can direct me to reviews, I would apprciate the help.
Thanks, Scott
HP of TAS loves the Edge amps and has written at least a few articles in the last few years about them.
They lack musicality and are very clean but arctic sounding.
Gladstone provides too general statement.
I'd say it may depend on other surrounding components i.e. preamp and speakers.
I once owned two of the "M" series Edge amps and found them to be magnificent. They would drive any load with a transparency and lack of coloration that was jawdropping. However, if your listening preferences are for a warmer than natural sound lacking the edge and bite of live music, then you may want to look elsewhere since the Edge amps stock-in-trade is their neutrality. At several recent CES shows, not only did a number of exhibitors use the Edge "M" amps to power their systems; but a significant number of these same exhibitors then purchased the amplifier for personal use, something that I was a witness to in several instances. Selling those amps was one of my greatest audio mistakes, but since I was going to purchase some self-powered speakers, for financial reasons I had no other alternative.
Thank you, that is very helpful. I will consider your remarks before making any purchase.
Thanks again, Scott.