Edge G3 Integrated vs Plinius 8200

I currently own a Plinius 8200 matched with Totem Forests
and an Ayre Cx7. This Edge product has me curious. Would it be an upgrade in my system? I do like the Plinius, but I am curious.
Golfrock, The Totems and the Ayre could use more, but I think the Edge would be a move sideways. What is your cable situation? I forget, can you go low level out of the 8200 to an amp? Find a Plinius amp and stay happy until a pre shows up, then be happier.
Zieman- Thanks--I'm using Acoustic Zen bi-wire.
I'm sorry, I misunderstood you cable question, but I think the answer is yes.
I am a dealer for both. Call me and I can give you some guidance 877-428-2873
I have reviewed both for www.positive-feedback.com., I prefered the Edge.

Saw your thread re Edge G3 vs Plinius. Couple years ago.

Turns out I have both, a 8200 MkII and a G4 amp.

How do you think the G4 would do with Merlin monitors (TSM-MMe)? I might try to find a good tube pre (like a Joule) to drive the G4. Would the Edge be transparent enough?

The Merlins sound good with the Plinius, but would like thrm to sound great.