Edge G 3 vs. JRDG Concerto integrated..

Hi. Has anybody got experience with these integrateds ?
Need some advice. Thanks!
Great question - been wondering the same thing.
The G 3 will kill it. Own both and the Edge G 3 is really really nice. The G 3 is the first Integrated thats made me listen to a Cd over and over again. I even listen to the same track three or four times. I ve own Mark Levinson 383, Krell 400. Jeff Rowlands Yba and Musical Fidelity integrateds. Dont be fool by the 85 watts. The unit is really 135 watts and it is powerful I promise. I running the Thiels 2.2 with it. By the way my wife loves the sound and she says it doesnt sound like noise . The unit is Absolute Mag Integrated of the year. That speaks for itself.
Bossjay: thanks for your comment. So you wouldn´t follow a dealers comment that the G 3 sounds like hifi and the Concerto like music? The comments were in detail: G 3 (cold, not natural, speed, transparency, detail, huge soundstage); Concerto: (musical, warm, body, speed, detail, stability, power).
The Blue Circle NSCS got my money.
I'm going to go out on a limb here, But I would guess that this salesman sells Rowland and not Edge, just a guess mind you. Now I have not heard the Concerto, but I have heard good things about it. On the other hand I have heard the G3 and it is far from "hi-fi" and really very musical and alive. But you should listen to them both,

Good Luck
I have the Concerto and love it. It runs cool and uses very little energy. I know that's not that important for some, but it is perfect in my setup. I use it to run my integrated ht/music system. Put all my imputs into it. Sounds great,looks great, great resale if your a frequent trader. A no brainer....
It seems that you had
stated the Levinson 383 was
the best. Then the DK was the best.
Now the G3 kills the Jeff Rowland. So either
you go through an amazing amount of amazing
integrateds or what? Why not list your system,
or systems, or at least give us an order of

Attila Simon
As you know Simon whats best today isnt best next year. This Edge 3 is a hell of a unit. I see you want to cheat to see my setup and I have no problem with that. My setup now is the Edge 3 with Mit S3 cables and s3 interconnects. I using a Sony ns 555es player which is the weakest link. My speakers are the Thiels 2.2 which is old school but the sound will seduce you in every way and you can ask my wife. By the way when I get lost along the way my wife ears will help me back on track. Im also using a Clang Lightspeed 6400. This is the first system that has touch my soul sir. This is a excellant system and I havent even upgraded the Sony or the cables and I love it. Keep in mind I ve spent over 60.000 for the hobby I love in the past. After 60.000 I understand the game now. Music should touch your soul. Believe it.
These are my two recommendations. Nuforce amps and Oritek X-2 interconnects. If you don't have analog, I suggest you invest in music.