Edge CD player

Any opinions on Edge CD player(s)?

...want to updrade my Cary CDP-308T.
i guess you will be on edge until you find out.

i have heard an edge cd player, not sure of the model number, on several occasions at ces and the 2007 home entertainment show.

it's a decent solid state player. it has no bloom. you better audition it before you buy.
you have a great cd player
Thanks. In any case, I am not going to sell mine.
Is that the one that was discovered to be nothing more than a budget Pioneer DVD player in a nicer box and hi-end price tag ? (like the infamous Goldmund Eidos 18D)
Yes, it seems to be the same.
I own an Edge CDP and find it to be a great match with my Conrad Johnson Act 2 pre amp and Edge NL12.1 amp. It required a long time to break in but once it did, everything sounds great. Its greatest strength is imaging and spatial separation. It is very nuetral and does not favor or romanticize like other CDPs. I compare it to my Electrocompaniet CDP and the Edge has much better PRAT while the Electrocompaniet has the "edge" in soundstage and bloom. Pairing is key and I think one must be certain to understand that it is dead neutral. Match it with a good set of speakers that can image and youÂ’re on to something. Note- it does not use balanced interconnects.