Edge and Revel


Anybody have experience with Edge amps and Revel Studio, Voice and Embrace? Setting is a multi channel room (preamp is Conrad Johnson MET1 and sources are an Oppo 93 and an Apple TV streaming thru a Rega DAC)

Since I never really crank it up there, I am thinking about their G series...monos on right and left front and center...I think the G8 is rated at 200 WPC...I also have 2 Martin Logan Depth subs handling the LFE.

I've read the the Studios are power hungry...is 200 WPC from Edge G8 mono blocks gonna fall short?

Would also consider a similar approach with the entry level of the MBL line too...


Hello Mitch,
Highly recommend going with the new series of Mark Levinson amps to power the Revel speakers.

thanks, i would really like to use the new Levinson amps, but this setup is for my home theater and I am realy costrained on space, the new Levinson amps are too tall and would not fit in my cabinet...I have been hoping to get some Levinson amps in the 400 series since they are not as tall and would fit in the cabinet.