edenSound Footers & TerraStone.

Has anyone tried them? What are your results? It seems as though they have some for the VPI Classic too. Sounds like an easy swap.

Also, what about the TerraStone Platform?
Ha, ha, I did a double take as well.

Yes, I replaced the stock feet on my Classic with a set of Bear Paws from Eden Sound based on Stringreen's positive experience. Depending where the strengths/weaknesses lie in your system, you might notice improvements in bass and upper frequency extension and transparency. I did not notice much improvement in bass, but the improvement in high frequencies was undeniable. The clarity and separation were a few notches above the stock feet. I happened to put on Rickie Lee Jones "Pirates" right after I installed the Bear Paws, and the triangle on the first two songs was so sweet, I actually went "Wow!"

Recently, I went to my dealer's and saw a Classic a customer brought in to have a new cartridge installed, and it had the Bear Paws! Looks like they do work...Highly recommended.
I have Bearpaws on my VPI Superscout/Rim DRive....the improvement was major. Highly Recommended
I put them on a VPI Classic, just unscrew the feet and screw on the bearpaws does not get any easier. Clearly a major improvement in focus and clarity. Good Luck.
Thanks for all the feedback!

Will the Bearpaws put a dimple in the shelf if I dont' use the TerraStone from the get-go?
I have a 4-inch maple block under my Classic and put pennies under the brass footers to protect the wood. The footers have a rather sharp "spikes" and with the weight of the turntable would definitely dimple anything softer.

Would that be the 2x2 bear paw seniour that you would use on the Superscoutmaster?Can you reuse the threaded insert from the stock VPI cone footer or do you have to order the new threaded insert from eden sound www.vermontaudo.com
AFter emailing Dan at edenSound he has VPI specific footers. You unscrew the stock and screw in the Bearpaw.

That's quite nice.

I think I'm going to try it...
Dan (Edensound) makes protectors for Bearpaws made of the same brass material ....a big step up visually. They make small and large....I went with the large (I had both to compare). The large looks like Bearpaws and the protectors are one unit, the small looks like an add-on.
I have the terra stone VPI footers coming in about 10 days from Dan. They have the brass receiver and are height adjustable with a locking brass nut.
They are a step up from the bearpaw. I will give you guys my impressions after they arrive. Dan can email you a picture of them if you are interested. They are a direct replacement for the VPI cone .
The cost for 4 of the terra footers are $395 US shipped. The bear paws were $166 shipped. Dan emailed me a picture with the Terra's on a VPI superscoutmaster, same as my TT.

They looked great. I can't wait to get them on for the audio benefit.Although the cost is more, I think it will be well worth it.
I have the terra stone footers in and all I can say is I am very impressed.Everything cleaned up from bottom to highs. I would say it's very similar to putting Symposium rollerblocks under a digital source.
The whole presentation is much cleaner. The bass is more taught and deeper.I was skeptical of how much a difference there would be due to the Superscoutmaster sitting on a Ginko cloud 12 platform.
All ,I can say is I am very impressed and that the terra stones were definately worth every penny. One nice feature with these is that you can level your TT perfectly due to the leveling feature on each terra stone footer.
Installation took about 15 minutes and couldn't be simpler.Just unscrew the stock vpi cone and screw in the terra stone footer.My highest recommendation!!