R.I.P Edward 

God Bless Eruption

A great finger-boarding Pioneer. R.I.P. Eddie
May 1978-
A group of friends and I camped in front of the ticket window of  Long Beach arena, to get tickets for VH's debut album tour. I believe it was one of their earliest big arena gigs.

There was a high school prom going on and kids were asking us who we were waiting for. Most of them didn't even know who Van Halen was. If you were a teenager living in the Pasadena/LA area, you or a friend attended a house party with VH playing.

Eddie is one of the rare rock guitarist post "Classic Rock" to make an impact in the R&R world after 1980. After their debut album, I lost interest.
RIP Eddie. My condolences to his family, friends, and the entire rock world.
I wore out their first album, cassette tape etc. What a great band! Condolences to his family and may he be forever remembered for his contribution to music.
The greatest of all time.  His music is the soundtrack of my life.. RIP Eddie.  Thank you for all the memories!