Economics of upgrading in light of acoustic acuity

I've always had a serious interest in audio equipment from early days building Dynaco tube gear, through dozens of speaker upgrades, custom SET amps, tube and other preamps, etc. I've fallen for expensive cables, power supply cords etc. I've loved the dialogues and discussions. But after a recent audio gram done in a high quality lab, I realized that I needn't spend money in ANY expensive upgrades for any acoustic value. Only ego value, and at my age, there ain't such a budget line. Before dropping thousands, get your hearing checked. 

Sorry for your hearing loss. 
aquaticdoc- I live with intermittent tinnitus and hearing loss over 6-7khz.

Fortunately, my  prognosis is manageable.

The MAIN component, and likely the most overlooked area. I take it for granted like our other senses.

We all should  put this  first over any upgrade. 

If I were reasoning in a logical fashion,I would address my situation with 5k+ hearing aids. Instead, the amount feeds into gear that at least temporarily lets me forget about this awful condition.

I too have tinnitus, I've found for my particular case, washing my ears out with a baby syringe every two months to be a GREAT help.

Fortunately, I found out what helped me before it got worse. At one point, I could not go to sleep at night.