Eco-friendly Bamboo ply speakers

Anyone hear the Escalante Design bamboo speakers at the NYC show this year, i missed that room somehow. They make some pretty cool claims in their ads, but how do they sound? Thats a lot of money for monitors so they have some stiff competition in that range. Can anyone respond on the sound? Thanks for listening
Alan, you are correct. The Pinyons use the highly regarded Scanspeak Ring Revelator (not the Seas). The link for Dave Thomas's review is found at
Regards, Mikeg
Wow!, great info guys, Thanks Mikeg and Cable_isolators for your sincere and helpful posts. I've never read anything from before but i will start checking that out now. Dave Thomas's rave and extensive review covered everything you could possibly want to know about the Escalantes. If Dave Thomas's reviews are all this detailed, i'll be looking forward to his writings from now on. The only other question i could think of is what amplifier was used for his glowing review? Dave quotes the speakers designer, Tierry Budge saying" My goal is not to build a speaker that is best suited only for low powered tube amps or high powered soild state amps. My goal is to build speakers that will always sound their best regardless of the amplifier. What's important is to get the listener close to the heart of music"! Wow, pretty bold statement, if that is true and tube guys and SS guys will be satisfied, "regardless of the amplifier", then the Pinyons/Unitas are a bargain! If you could spend more of your total budget than you planned on for the Pinyons/Unitas, and possibly spend much less on your amplifier choice, then their prices would be truly justified. It's kinda hard to believe they will sound their best "regardless of the amplifier", so i hope that they will bring an assortment of tube and SS amps, of different price ranges to their exhibit at the RMAF in October to demonstrate this. Imagine how many more music lovers could step up to the Escalantes, that never dreamed of spending that much on speakers! Maybe i should bring my little Sonic Impact Tripath amp or a Teac
Tripath amp to RMAF with me, wouldn't that be interesting! Thanks again guys. I'm kinda new to Audiogon but have already met some great folks! This is a cool space. Regards, Alan
07-25-05: Tvad
Bamboo veneer, yes? I can't imagine bamboo can be harvested and cut in such a way to make cabinets totally from bamboo.

Plyboo... So if you consider 3/4" thick solid bamboo plywood to be a veneer...then yes E.D. uses a bamboo veneer.

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