If anyone out there is interested in new pop/rock music, please check out Echosmith.. their first release, Talking Dreams. These four kids (3 brothers, and a sister) are amazingly talented creative song writers and musicians. Their influences will be obvious to most of us music aficionados here - and they have no problem admitting to what they grew up listening to and liked. Anyway, check them out if you can.. The engineering is great, the production is great with a little outside help which is credited, the songs are great also with a little help credited - but best of all it's mastered by the best in the business for us critical listeners with high quality audio systems, Bob Ludwig, at Gateway Mastering.
I bought this album about a month ago after hearing their song "Cool Kids". I agree, it's excellent.

Very well recorded and some pretty good songs. It's kinda "poppish", but definitely worth the price of admission.
Same here Mofi. I heard Cool kids on VH1 one morning - the song got my attention immediately.
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