Echole vs Argento vs Kubala-Sosna?

Can anyone compare the sonic characteristics of Echole Obsession vs Argento Serenity vs Kubala-Sosna Emotion interconnects and/or speaker cables?

I had compared the previous version of Echole Obsession (2008) with the Argento Serenity SE and the Argento was a clear winner (musch faster and more neutral). It would be interesting if someone could compare the latest (2009) version of Echole Obsession with the new Argento Flow (that is miles ahead of the previous Serenity line)
the new siltech g7 signature line ,specifically the emperor and emperess models ,should be mentioned/auditioned
with this high -caliber lines of cables.
The G7 Emperor Crown and Empress are IMO in a different league to the above mentioned cables. Have been using the KS Elation--and thought them to be quite a major leap from previous Emotion--which is an excellent line too. Currently home demoing the Siltech G7 Prince and King speaker cable. Even Prince--at base of their Royal Signature line with only around 30hrs clocked-in, is already sounding quite superior to my KS Elation. Overall, a more organic (solid/denser) feel to vocal and instrumentation and with just the right amount of harmonic overtones (air) enveloping--more life-like timbre. These, along with their lower noise floor, better placement, and linear tonality made long listening sessions much more enjoyable. I no longer now find myself dissecting and/or technically analyzing capabilities of my new amp, but was instead allowed to simply sit back, immersed, and be drawn into the music as before.

A friend who had compared extensively--favored and bought 3 pairs of Emperor Crown and a few Empress ic's for his tri-amp set-up over the latest Argento MFR and Tara Labs Gold/Zero. However, again, at this level it may become subjective, as well--system dependent.

i echo your findings regarding the siltech g7. not sure what edwin and his team have done to improve the already excellent g6, but the leap that the curret siltech line up offers is really amazing.
i,too, have had my share with several known cables, but copmleted my cycle with the siltech g7.
their most noticeable attribute? lowest of lows noise floor , and life like timber.
Guys, have actually compared the Siltechs with the Argento FMR side by side?
I hope this is in keeping with the spirit of this thread, even if it doesn't specifically address Samfreeman's question.
Has anyone listened to the 'Sine Kosmos' line of cables, and do they belong in the elite class of the above mentioned cables?
As the US distributor of SINE cables, I just discovered this thread.

The SINE "Coliseum" speaker cables and "Ella" interconnect are part of the ultra high-performance series of silver based products that feature 6N silver, carbon powder to absorb micro-vibrations & totally deep cryoed. The "Coliseum" AC cord's carbon powder also absorbs the in-line AC noise.

The top line "Kosmos" series feature a custom silver alloy that offers higher conductivity than even silver. Eight processing steps alternating annealing & deep cryo to achieve this highest of conductivity!

Sonically, the Kosmos offers the highest levels of transparency, resolution & dynamics but a liquid tonality that is so unique. Simply the best cables I have ever heard - breathtaking!

More info at
Some guys in the Audioexotics forum compared the Siltech G7 with the cheap Argento Organic interconnect (1/4th of the price of the Argento Flow). The results are shocking if you take into account the price difference between the Organic and the Siltech.
I guess if they are right then the Argento Flow should easily outperform the Siltech G7

Check the link below
The site pointed seems to be exclusive, controlled, and looked to be very strictly minded--not so much of an open forum as this. They happen to carry/sell the Argento line too don't they? Fun read, but I would dig elsewhere for more balanced infos/thoughts, or best--to compare the said cables yourself in your system.

I had in mine, tested and preferred the G7 King over the friend's loaner FMR (which he replaced with Siltech EC). Friend's system is Goldmund Telos5000 driving Kharma Grand Exq. In my case, I have only compared the speaker cables and not the ic or pc yet. Having said that, FMR is an outstanding cable too (and so is the Omega Gold btw.) which we fully believe can truly shine in different set-ups. It's just that with our's, we ultimately felt the Siltech evokes our emotion more.
Bvdiman Siltech G7 Royal Signature experience mirror to what I heard. Its very hard to not impressed by its performance. I also have audition Argento Flow, they have very different sonic palette and not as the same tier than G7. The Dutch cable is really complete sounding.
Sebastian, I will have to agree with you also in that Argento do have this rather 'different sonic palette'. I've known and used for a while actually, the Argento cables from way back 15-16 years ago. Looked similar (pearlish white) but with 6 or 8 (forgot) individually insulated soft strands intertwined loosely per side for their speaker cables. Can't remember name, but it was their top cable then. Smooth, mellow, relaxing but rather vague--were what I remembered them to be. Good match with digital stuff during that period.

I swapped them for the flat Siltech FT12 then which I felt to offer greater palpability ie. denser, more solid, organic and life-like timbre with much better control down low and everywhere else. Of course they have both come a long way since then, but I believe/hear designers from both brands still kept consistent with their ideal sound goal/design approach until today, albeit both much improved--you just cannot mistake one from the other.

Maybe the 6moons review below can better express and give a glimpse of what I too felt during my recent speaker cable comparison between the Argento FMR and Siltech King, which to a certain extent--rather similar.
HI Samfreeman.
About 8 months ago i tested the Argento: Flow ic against the Echole Obsession 2009. I my set up which i would say is a very ballanced ultra highend ½ tube setup, i felt that dispite the high qualities of the Flow, it wasent as transparent and organic as the Obsession. The Flow was more forgiven to bad recordings but had a thin carpet effect and a lack of mickrodetails compared to the ultra quick and dynamic Obsession. My conclusion was, that in my set up the Flow was simply to tame and the Obsession just right.
On the speakercable side, i also compared the Obsession 2009 with a older Argento as well as Purist Audio: Dominus rev c ferrox / Protius provectus and Kondo ( top of line). None of them could deliver the magic of the Obsession. I do however think that the set up must be without any sharpness or edges because nothing is camuflaged. Maybee this is what somebody would call unmusical but my setup has the musicallity, clearness and transparent without any fatigue so i can allow to use a very open cable .The Obsession also defines the images superb, is very coherent and gives a lot of space around the musicians, you could call this lean but i feel its more autentic compared to real live music and maybee a ballanced match to the rest of my chain.
I think its obvious that i still love the Obsession and it replaced the Transparent: Opus 1. Good luck finding the right cable to your set up.
I have Elation and exchanged with my friend to get Echole for few days.
This few days I miss my Elations very much as Echole can't sound even close to Elation. This is about interconnects and speaker cables.
Power cords best is Argento FMR, than Echole and last is Elation.
I had them in my system.
Interesting to compare Elation ic and speaker cables with Argento FMR.
I'm using Elation and interesting if something can be better.

Strange that systems can be so different reacting on cables. I found in my system that the Echole Obsession 2009 sounded superior to the Argento Flow and Kubala-Sosna Elation. With the use of Echole Obsession 2009 I am not listening to cables anymore, and the speakers do really disappear in the listening room. The music is really organic, dynamic and the best mid-range I ever experienced. I changed my PranaWire Cosmos cables with Echole Obsession 2009, and my system is even sounding better (by a small margin but to be honest, well worth it)

I have had a complete set of Kubala, Argento, PranaWire and Stealth cables in my set, and didn't mix the brands to get to most out of it. Ones I compared the Stealth Dream Digital on the dCS Puccini cd-player, but the Echole was much better in every aspect (the Stealth was sounding thinner, and lacking mid-range and body) But if there is a synergy in the philosophy of the cable manufacturers, I found that a complete set of Echole Obsession did it for me.

I am a friend of a dealer of Kubala-Sosna, Argento, Echole, and Stealth so I will borrow some cables and try to mix them, and see if this is giving a better result.... The PranaWire I already sold, so I can't compare that one anymore.


Who sells Echole in the US?
have heard a very nice system a few weeks back all wired with argento flow, and flw mr... although the overall sound was very good, i couldn't help "picking out " the cables out of the system, as they their"signature" sound was very evident. i expereinced that "sound' in the past when i compared the argento line to the slitechs.
i brought with me only a pair of the siltech g7 empress s/c , and once inserted into that system, the noise floor dropped and the sound became so much more pallable... i believe the guy i was visiting is now looking to replace his argentos with the siltechs....fwiw....
I sold my Elations. Echole sounds too analytical in my system.
Argento FMR and SMREE is still best power cords.
But Argento interconnect is not that good. Even bad for my taste.
May be silver is not my choice. (power cord is cooper)
Next week will have Bertram Model 8 speaker and interconnect to evaluate in my system.
I don't know is good cable really exist? :)

if you can audition any of the g7 royal line by siltech,in your system for a couple of weeks, you just might find what you are looking for.......
please make sure that the siltech cables you might audition are very much broken in... otherwise you won't get their full potentil.
Ozy, I have Siltech Golden Eagle G7 and Siltech Golden Ridge G6 digital cables. They are better than many cables but can't compete with Liveline in my system.
But I'll definately try to find Royal series of interconnect and speaker to audition in my system.

when i switched my digital cables from s/r to the g7 siltech golden eagle and golden ridge , it was as if smoeone polished my "sound window" and now i could hear so much more clearly into the soundstage, both width and depth -wise.
have not had the liveleine digital, but based on my encounter with their analog cables ,i'm sure the liveleines digitals are very good.
bottom line- get what makes music and sense to your ears.
Ozy, is G7 much better than G6?
I found Queen G6 and Emperor Crown G6 for audition in Moscow!
Hope to get them next week!

from what i heard so far , the g7 is a pinnacle in audio cables.
i had siltech's g1,3,5 in variuos models and then moved on to other cable makers( transparent, synergisitc research, purist audio, stealth, pranawire, kimber), only to return back to the remarkable siltech g7. i think that they(siltech) improved their cables immensly, over the years!

please let me know what you think after trying them in your system.
btw, gryphon, plinius ,kharma and few other manufaturesrs use siltech intrnal wirings.