Echole Obsession ic's and speaker cable

Has anyone heard and compared these cables to some of the big names, ie., Stealth, VD, Purist. I am interested in a new ic and would like to know how good these are. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
I haven't heard Echole wires yet. . . I will hear them for the first time next week at RMAF. . . the Echole suite is in my top priority list of suites to visit. GUido

I will also hear them at RMAF, but sad to say they are way over priced @ retail price. None used yet on the 'Gon that I have seen

I will report back on their sound.
Thanks for the responses folks. I have emailed and talked to a number of folks on here about them. The best feedback I have is that they are VERY similar to Purist, without the price-tag. Not to say the Echole is "cheap", but the Obsession does list at 50% of the 20th Anniversary Purist!