Echole cables

Who is familiar with them? How do they compare to Purist Audio, Stealth and other top brands?
..i have echole cables ..'obsession' speaker ..2-i/cs ..3 pcs..and 1 'obsession signature' i/c...i have not heard the Purist cables in a long time but have had them in the past..i have had the Indra cables also. i also have recently had argento smr and fmr cables and to my ears and those of my audio friends they are better then those mentioned..they are the most musically right cables i have heard. the 'signature' line is their top line and really is superb..hope this helps
I echo what Calloway has said above. I have quite a few of the Echole Signature line - power cords, balanced IC's and speaker cables. When I listen to my analog front end I am using an all Echole Signature cabling loom straight through to the speakers. Previously I was using an all Purist Audio Anniversary cabling loom, which were, at the time, the top of the line Purist cable line. I didn't think any cabling would make me change from the Purist until I tried the Echole Signature line. I haven't heard the Stealth cables so I cannot comment on those.
You both think very highly of them. I will certainly try Echole one day; a bit expensive for me right now even used. And if they are indeed at least equal to the best Purist..
But it seems that not many know let alone use them.
Where are they made? I read that the designer is an Armenian man from Istanbul, Turkey. are correct..they are made in Istanbul.they are very well made and as i said...the most musically correct cables i have had in my system and i have had many of what can be considered ' the best'.where do you live..?..
I live in New York City area.
Man what beautiful cables. I saw Fidelis AV in NH is a dealer for them and checked out Echole's site. One thing that I found was headscratching to me was that the Echole Power cables look to have Schuko IEC Connectors that I've seen on other sites for not too much money. I realize there is more to a power cable than just the ends but you would think that for such a luxurious cable they would have more expensive connectors.
Looks can be decieving ;). They look like the Standard Oyaide connectors that everyone can buy for little money.. In reality those are custom made for Echole and you can't buy those.. Same for all the other Oyaide stuff that Echole/ Absolare utilizes, all custom made by Oyaide...
Purist and Stealth are MUCH better DUDE!!
...not in my system they weren't....nothing is 'MUCH' better.....'DUDE'....then the Echole cables.
...not in my system they weren't....there aren't any cables that are 'MUCH' better.....'DUDE'....then the Echole cables.
Enjoy its you system that counts.Maybe people will hear of these cables one day.
They look like a wonderful cable.What do they cost?
Hi Slickensmooth

Thanks for the clarification. Looks definitely can be deceiving. If those Oyaide connectors are custom made for Echole IMO Oyaide should make them look different so one isn't confused. The Echole Obsession Signature power cable on the Echole website just shows the power cable and ends with no other details.

Here was some old info I found about Echole for those who may be interested.
THey must be great at that high price.Were are they made?
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I am very sorry didnt mean anything bad sorry.I do have Purist cables and also Stealth V10 speaker cables they are both wonderful.
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Echole must be the best?