Echobusters "to gap from wall' or not

I found 6 echobuster panels here on audiogon ( 2' by 4' by 2")and want to hang them mostly on my backwall behind the couch.

The room is 15.5' (widest) by 27' (couch in nook, closets on end make it 12.5 in narrowest area.

Near field setup with back of couch against wall (early cancelations too short delay to notice?)

anyway I have a small amount of echo to tame and was wondering if I should gap the panels from the wall with little wood blocks (2") to achieve slightly lower freq absorbtion and even filtering "from the back side"

does anyone have any suggestions on this?
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If you are going to go through the trouble of doing that, you might as well fill in the back gap that you would be creating with poly fiber-fill. The amount of low frequency extension that you would get by just spacing them off the wall would not be as drastic as increasing the thickness of said panels. Then again, if you are going to go through ANY added construction, why not just build them yourself and do a better job to begin with ?

I know it is easier to do what you want to do now because the majority of the project is already done, but for what you'll end up spending to buy these and transport them, you can build something better and more suited to your specific room dimensions. Once you start a project such as what is being discussed, you'll find that the motivation to do so was the hardest part of the equation. Room treatments are a BREEZE. That is, so long as one has the room and a small amount of tools to do so. Sean
Hello Sean

I've read Jon Risch's DIY 8" thick fiberglazz absorption panel instructions. I just am not one that is able to get burlap or whatever to behave that well. Plus it wouldn't really work with my room decor.

I didn't mean to try and discourage you from attempting what you wanted to do. I was trying to point out more cost effective and better performing options. I need to remember that some folks are "handier" than others though.

With that in mind, extending the Echobusters off the wall should lower their cut-off frequency a bit. Just keep in mind that exposed wood will also cause diffraction / reflections. Good luck and i hope that your efforts are well rewarded : ) Sean
I've done it. It makes a noticable difference in the effectiveness of the panels. I cut 1/2" x 1" standoffs and screwed them into all four corners of the panel in back. Then I bought a sheet of those small rubber peel-off circles for furniture and put one over the screw heads so it would not scratch the wall. Go for it.

I've also found that home-built panels just don't sound as good as Echobuster products, even if I try to get the same wood and foam. Something about that wool fabric maybe?
THanks Octopus

tell me more

I was thinking about putting circular styrofoam as the offsets blocks (predrilled)and then putting pillow stuffing or something behind it.

I didn't do the Risch thing because I am terrible at anchoring heavy stuff to the wall - any suggestions???

The panels are very light. As I recall, I did not use any sort of high-tech hanging scheme. I nailed toothed picture hanging strips to the top middle in the back and used a long nail. For the ceiling I did not use standoffs and just screwed the panels right into the drywall. For an audiophile obsessive, those panels are heaven. I moved mine around so much that the room looked like I held the World Dart Throwing Championship. You are welcome to email me if you have specific questions.