Echo Muffs

Does anyone use these panels from Watkin's Engineering?? I have an old pair. I have used these on OHM I's. It seems to help because of the OHMs sound direction. Got them behind some PSB Stratus Golds now. Are there other products that are better?
I recall that they were effective but only down to 200 Hz, and many problems lie below that range. But not to discount your use of these. If it sounds good, wear it! Echobusters may be a good source for this type of product. RPG, too.
if you need bass aborbtion the only real option at a reasonable price are Real Traps Mini-Traps or Mondo Traps as these are considerably more effective than the largest ASC Traps.

DYI is another option but the realtraps are so inexpensive and install so easy it wasn't worth it.