Echo Buster or ASC for room treatment?

Hi, I need something to treat echo problem and bass management for my room. However, I don't know which company is good Echo Buster or ASC. The Echo Buster seems to be a little cheaper than the ASC. Does anyone use of these products, please give some feedbacks? Should I spend more on ASC or Echo buster is good enough? Where can I get a best price on these products? Thanks for your inputs. DT

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worldcup86: i think you may have unintentionally asked the wrong question. whose products work best is generally dependent upon what you are trying to achieve. you say you have both "echo" and "bass management" problems. these could be caused by any number of things but are probably related to the construction and layout of your listening enviroment, the setup of your speakers and other components and the interaction of the furnishings, etc. a lot of folks pretty much automatically install treatments designed to deal with the most common forms of acoustic problems. this is why you see, for example, tube traps or the like in many installations, since corner-loading is so frequently encountered in most rooms with walls that meet, more-or-less, at 90 deg. angles. (that's how and why asc got started.) i suggest you read some of the recent threads here on acoustic/room treatment to get some ideas of what works best (a number of these threads also offer suggestions on basic or advanced texts). also lean on your audio friends for advice (to be regarded, of course, as you see fit). once you get some ideas on what you may need, then look for products or diy projects to solve the problems you are likely experiencing. i hope you forgive these generalities but fact is: the more you read and listen to the greater the probability of your suceeding in acheiving what you seek. pretty much like everything in life, eh.