ECD1 similar cd players

Are there cd players which have similar sound to Electrocompaniet ECD-1? How does Audio Aero prima compare?
IMO, they have a pretty different sound. BTW, its EMC-1. the EMC is a more "tube like" sound, even though the AA actually has tubes. I found the AA to be quicker and more detailed, not as warm. The EMC was great when I had SS amp, but got to be too much of a good thing when I went to tube amplification, esp. with Vandy 3A sigs. The AA is more neutral for sure, but not analytical. IMO, but I must note that I did not have them in the same system or at the same time.

I believe Samuellaudio is making a reference to the ECD-1 dac offered by Electrocompaniet...
I bought Samuel's ECD-1 DAC and the sound from any source I connect to it (primarily a Squeezebox) is fantastic. I used to own the EMC-1 (non-upsampling) and think the ECD-1 sounds like the EMC-1--very analogue-like. Like someone said, a cross between tubes and SS. I would look there first for a similar-sounding CD player, for sure.
I have the Electrocompaniet DAC and the Aero Capitole 24/192 player. Both are great but totally different. Needlees to say, the AA Capitole player cost 3x the Electrocompaniet DAC. The Capitole is perfect in everyway as is the Electrocompaniet DAC but somehow the Capitole player edges out the Electrocompaniet in some "realism" aspects. It is hard to put my finger on and describe (and I've had both for a few months) but I'd say the Electrocompaniet DAC is the best of the prestine soundstage and the Capitole the best of the warmer soundstage. So I'm selling the Electrocompaniet DAC I've loved for a year and a half.