eBay's MIOVA cables from seller Fea888 = JUNK

Well I purchased a pair of these cables off ebay for $50 and figured they were worth a shot. I was wrong! I basically threw $50 (plus shipping) away. Like most audiophiles I change my system around a lot and during an amplifier swap I went to remove the interconnects and the cable pulled out of the end on me. I immediatly contacted eBay seller Fea888 about this and he refused to replace them even when his return polocy states:

"If item is defective or not what expected, please contact us in order to get return instructions. Customer's satisfaction is our main concern, buy with confidence."

I email back calling him a liar! He replied saying that he would replace the cables and to send them in (to Canada). So I did just that. Paid return shipping out of pocket. It has now been over a month and I have emailed him over and over again with no reply from him. He stole my cables! I'm out the $50 for the cables, shipping to me and return shipping. Thats around $90! I just felt everyone should know to steer clear of this guy. He is bad news. The cables weren't really that great anyways. For the money I've used much much better stuff.


My Intentions Of Vindictive Actions.

Makes sense now. We will stay away.

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In the college course "Audiophile101" it warns against buying on Ebay, I guess you missed that day :)
(sorry lol I had to)
Yeah, I'm slowly learning that eBay can be trouble. I like Audiogon because it's a bunch of people who love the same thing. We all understand each other (most of us anyways). Where eBay a lot of the time is just people tring to make a dollar with poor descriptions and leaving out important facts only for you to find out when you get it. I have had my fair share of good experiences on eBay also though so I can't complain too bad. I guess you just really have to be careful and thats it, but thats how it is everywhere though. The Miova Interconnects really lack some detail, but for $50 + shipping I can't really expect gold. I just wish he didn't take my cables and money. I'll never understand some people. Not in an attempt to boost his sales or anything, but I did like the Power Cable he sells. For $50 it really did a great job overall. I'll keep you updated if he decides to be a stand up guy and make me a satisfied customer. I wouldn't hold you breath on that though! Maybe I'll get lucky, who knows.

I use Ebay for deals on anything I am not too worried about, and the rest I do it here as this is my only really active passion that requires purchase from time to time.
I have never had a problem with an Ebay purchase, tho I dont buy anything hardly at all for financial reasons but I have seen too many poorly cared for items in pictures and know that for most...its just an amp, record player or whatever so they do not baby it. Sorry for the joke but I cant help myself...time for my meds.