Ebay fraud alert

I've seen some amazing deals, but this one is pretty darn "good" Velodyne dd-15 sub ($4k list) at auction on ebay. No condition noted. Emailed seller for condition and shipping. This is what I get back:
First I am going to tell you some things I think you should know before ending this deal.I travel a lot and now I am in Eastern Europe. The item is going to be shipped from europe also.Now, I can ship through UPS air next day delivery. I will pay for all taxes. If you wish you can also send me your full shipping info so I can make a reservation on your name .The price of the item is 600$ (as I said earlier with shipping and insurance taxes included). I need some money as fast as possible so I am offering a 10 % discount if we end the deal in 24 hours.Here I am stuck to western union wire transfer.I can't use paypal because it's not available yet. Just because of this I set up an insurance with ebay which guaranties 100 % of this deal. If you wish I can contact eBay right away and have them send you an invoice with my insurance.If you agree on my terms I am sure we can close the deal right now.
Please reply after you think it over.
Best regards.

Hmm, $4k new item, weighs 150 lbs or more, next day air from Europe, for $600, shipped. Such a deal ;~)

Too bad, I'd love to try the sub.
The shipping alone would probably cost $600! Maybe he is missing a zero? Nah, if it look's too good to be true, it probably is.
Could just picture some Euro soccer hooligan sitting in an internet cafe in Prague cooking this scheme up. They are easy to spot and have been showing up here on the Gon too.
Is there some way to send an email that would make the computer explode in order to kill the "seller"?

There is something particularly vile about this type of crime to me.

We should have special laws to protect children and audiophiles.
If you want to get a good laugh ... follow the link to this article. It will take you some time to get through it but it will make you feel pretty good about the JERKS (I'll be nice) on eBay that rip people off...



You have to love the detail they put into what they sent the guy ... DONT MESS WITH GEEKS!!!

PS - This is a real deal ... I actually watched it transpire over Slashdot. It was one of the best months of my life... I actually Paypal-ed money for the Fed X package.

If you tech guys don’t read slashdot ... you should, just for the humor.

If I double posted I'm sorry - I wanted you to get the right link.

The Horse
Horseface, I was actually looking for that to post. It is too funny! Amazing what these guys went thru to screw the scammer.
What would happen is he would send you a fake eBay email and you would follow the link and he would hi-jack your eBay and PayPal account.
Horseface, thanks for the story, it was fun.
That story reminded me of this scam baiter site http://www.419eater.com/html/george.htm if you skim that story and find it amusing click around a little, you almost feel sorry for those nigerians (not)
I laugh every time I read it ... I will never forget when it all went down. I work in an IT department and every tech was dialed in for a couple of weeks. That guy had no idea that thousands of computer geeks were plotting against him.

As for Ebay/Paypal ... I have pretty much had it with them. I have a separate bank account for on line transactions and have Paypal tied to it. I have an on-line protected credit card tied to it. Up until a month ago I would make purchases and Paypal would check the account - if funds were not there and usually they were NOT (as I only keep about $100 in there) it would automatically bill the credit card. Hence the term BACKUP funding source!!! I can’t figure out how to keep my credit card as the primary funding source. They don’t like the credit card transactions...

Last week I bought some new speaker cables and I was sure it was to be funded via my credit card - Paypal overdrew the account. OK, my bad ... I screwed up BUT somewhere along the line they changed there standard practice because I have made dozens of similar purchases without a problem. They tap out the bank account and then use the Visa to cover the rest. Then you call them ... I wont go into detail but I'm still pissed. Nothing my bank can do to help me - Paypal says they can push and pull funds from the account but they have NO IDEA what the balance is. I know that’s not true. I find my self arguing with a 17 year old kid with a bad accent. I email ... canned response. I'm going back to postal money orders ... Just think what they make off this site alone! On-line customer service is an oxy-moron. I'm pulling my bank account and only using Paypal as a last resort.

Paypal Bites!
Beware of Seller Dingbat$ fr UK . Got screwed by him for USD600. Send me a porno cd-r instead of a beatles box set. Got the guts to tell me its a mistake in posting and will refund but never did. Reported to ebay since 1/3/07. Tell now only 1 email from ebay and silence ever since. Lesson learnt- never buy from anybody with low feedback
How much do you want for the porno Cd-r?

Best regards,
Bill Clinton
I've had no problems at all with PayPal. They obviously want you to fund from your bank account and not from a credit card, so I don't know if is possible to set the credit card as the default, but you can always choose it as the funding source for each transaction.
Sherod, how much wld U like the porno CD-R? USD1 wld be good enough for U? Some pple just love to have a good laugh at somebody else misfortune!!! Pathetic right? I wonder why some people who has nothing gd to contribute bother to waste time and audiogon space to post nonsensical? Pitiful life?
Chill out Audioblazer. I was just kidding. I actually do feel for you and am truly sorry about your misfortune. Now might I suggest that you not be so quick to pass judgement on someone you don't even know. Check out my feedback and threads and compare to your own. Have a nice day and by the way, I do have a good life. I'm very happy with my system and I also have had my fair share of misfortunes in life. I bought a vintage receiver one time on Ebay and it was totally trashed when I got it. The seller finally responded to many e-mails over a long period and wouldn't offer to help. His poor packaging was the reason and he told me to file a claim with the freight company. Such is life.
sherod, sure I will chillout Not judging u . Just treat it as a joke just like u did, fair? I m sure ur more proactive in other contributions. I posted in this thread and another thread to warn people abt DINGBAT$ because he is still listing in ebay. Despite informing ebay and paypal no action was taken
Audioblazer, this was a good thing that you posted this information about this particular scammer. If you paid him through Paypal, Paypal has a resolution center that you can go to to fill out a report and they will investigate. Your money is guaranteed through Paypal. I'm sure that if you work closely with the Resolution Center they will help you to retrieve your money. If this guy scammed you, he will lose his registration on Ebay and will be banned from Paypal. By the way, I just checked the member Dingbat$ feedback on Ebay and he has 4 positive feedbacks and no negatives. If he ripped you off for $600.00USD, why didn't you at least give him a negative feedback there to warn other buyers? Also, I recently won an auction for a particular gemstone from a seller in Singapore. I paid him with paypal. After two months and no gemstone as well as no replies to my emails, I filed a dispute in the Paypal resolution Center. Within one week, paypal gave me a full refund. I really do hope that you can get your money back. I know that this is a serious issue and my light-hearted joking was probably inappropriate. Please forgive my lack of diplomacy. Have a great weekend and I wish you well.
I did make use of resolution center fr paypal. Unfortunately I make a mistake of stating it as item different from described ( i receive a cd) when it shld be item not receive. Automatically paypal ruled against me and there is no way I can refile despite repeated attempt. I was advised to ask for reversal of charge (chargeback) from my credit card. So currently pursuing this option. As for ebay feedback, I was not able to, simply because item purchase from ebay shld be delisted with me as buyer but he did not do that. That is why ebay treat it as purchase outside ebay auction and there is no recourse for me. I did complain to ebay but no action taken. When I email 2 of his buyers to be careful abt dingbat$, they informed dingbat$ abt it. Some people act funnily right? The least they can do is to respond to my email and I cld have forwarded my correspondence with dingbat$ in which he clearly admitted that he make a mistake in shipping wrong parcel ( bull) and agreed to refund. Unfortunately its only bull and no refund so far
I even have a watchseller wwwwatchstore24de whom I mistakenly(long story) bid for USD1035 for an item stated as USd17600 best buy. When I received the item, the box is worse than a USd50 japanese watch and I promptly asked for refund which he agreed but after shipping he turned around and refused to refund and have the guts to tell ebay I did not pay for watch ( again I complain to no deaf ears). after 5mths I managed to get refund by getting Germany Post to proof that he did signed for returned watch. Have a good weekend. Happy listening and tq for yr suggestions