ebay classical vinyl collection

I have no connection or interest but thought someone here might want to check it out.

"classical vinyl collection
Item # 850229709
About 1000 classical vinyl records. Collection begun in 1950s. Very strong in string music, piano, chamber music, concertos. All in very good condition. Many rare."
Wow!! You could open a used record store.
i would be very wary (or, per elmer fudd, vewy wewy) of bidding on this "item." the seller has 0 feedback and lists not a single selection from the collection. i'd ask for a complete list, including "goldmine" standard conditions for each. my guess is that you could put together a similar "collection" for, maybe, $500. -cfb
What is need is an Audiogon member near Oak Park Illinois to go to this person's house and report back, Ha!
Cornfed is right, regardless of our own personal preferences or passion for classical, very few titles command big bucks.

The exception, such as the old rare RCA shaded dogs are seldom in such a collection. Generally the seller has already ask local stores and buyers to come pick up the collection to avoid shipping.