Ebay auctions referenced at AudiogoN?

Does this bother anybody else? It sure does bother me. Why aren't these people using AudiogoN's fantastic auctioning system instead of badgering us with Ebay auctions? I understand seeking more bidders where they roam, but I for one am tired of reading "Up for auction at Ebay...". Am I just being a righteous goon? I have a very thick hide, so stab away if you feel so inclined.
Creeper, It's been my experience that for certain items, ebay bidders pay way too much. I sold a Rega P25 on Ebay for about $50 more than I paid on Audiogon. I did not advertise it on A'gon at all, but maybe I should have in order to get more bidders on ebay. After all, competition is the American way. If someone wants to pay the advertising in order to increase the number of bidders, more power to him.
There are some items that are better listed on ebay, for one it definetly gets more exposure and certain times will obtained a greater price than on audiogon, now who wouldn't enjoy that prospect. It also eliminates the number of tire kickers and hi-fi buddy inquires, perhaps you could just skip over those threads with titles referencing ebay auctions, this should eliviate your problem.
Does not bother me. It is all about free markets. I agree that a lot of items fetch more on eBay. I also once got notice of a component I was looking for by reading a non eBay advert (not Agon) about an eBay auction. I ended up getting a great deal, because ironically, it was something they should have listed on Audiogon instead of eBay. It was probably the only Blue Circle component ever on eBay and I got it really cheap. It was also a Canadian seller, which probably does better here than eBay, for audio.
Gee: I just ignore ads (such as this) @ both sites (works for me:-).
I offered an MSB Gold Link III (which I purchased for $999 from Northern Audio in Pittsburgh) here on AudiogoN at a fair market price; no one bit. So, I went to eBay and listed the item at my AudiogoN asking price ($700...it was a virtually new, mint condition piece, and MSB had just hiked the price up to $1800 or so). I then posted the eBay auction number on AudiogoN, just in case someone here hadn't seen the ad or had changed their mind. Turns out, eBayers bid the item all the way to $1,225, so I made well over $200 for having the Gold Link III for 3 months. I just thought it was fair to gove AudiogoNers a second shot, and it never occurred to me that any of them would be truly angered by that.
I think if they list an E-bay item it should be listed in their advertised price as an E-bay item. That way you could pass it by or look. But not advertise a price like it is a true classified ad. After all when you research an item on AudiogoN one of the options is a link to E-bay. But overall I beleive that classified ads should be just that,not ads for auctions.
Okay, so I am a righteous goon. Bad day at work, I guess. I'm all for the capitalist way. Just had a bad case of "pretentious a**hole" or something. No bad feelings meant towards anyone. Please accept my humble appology.
I don't mind the "see Ebay listing" ads, sure beats the ads with the infamous "sale pending". Pet peeve...
Wait a minute, Jeffloistarca. I do the "sale pending" thing. Nobody posts like that upfront. That is a tag added when a sale is pending. If the deal falls through, I remove the "sale pending" tag. That way I don't waste other people's time who are interested, while I wait for payment. When I have have payment in hand, I pull the ad. If you have a better method, let me in on it.
I don't mind any of it - when I'm looking through the classifieds, I expect a large number of ads I'm not interested in - most of these just fall into that category. All in all, A'gon has a high percentage of quality ads, but it's the nature of the beast that there are ads that are useless or of no interest to a particular person. -Kirk
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Creeper, as I said, it's a pet peeve so don't get too worried about it. I consider the "sale pending" thing an eye sore and waste of space and for some odd reason it gets under my skin. How many time do you post something for sale, a guy commits to it, and then you don't receive payment? Pretty much never happens and I've sold dozens of things. So you leave it "sale pending" until you receive payment cuz it's easier than recreating an ad and reposting it just in case the guy doesn't pay you. Strikes me as lazy and penny-pinching. If the buyer doesn't follow through, re-list the item, it only costs $2. Toldya it's a pet peeve and like so many little quirks, they probably don't mean a whole lot but for some reason bug ya.
I sell albums here on A-gon, but sometimes list a few of the rarer ones on e-bay. I frequently let people know what I have listed on e-bay (it's all in the text in the ad--so typically 80% of the albums are exclusive to A-gon and 20% or on e-bay). I was just trying to be informative and let A-goners know what I was selling and where they could find it. Certainly wasn't trying to annoy anyone.
Jeffloistarca, I understand your point. It's a pet peeve, just the way Ebay references bug me. Good point about never having a deal fall through. I've never had one spoil. I wouldn't consider myself a penny-pincher, seeing how I drop almost all my expendable income into this wonderful sport, but I am indeed very lazy. A little paronoid too (what?). Perhaps I should have called this thread "AudiogoN pet peeves".
I have a pet peeve about posts that are pet peeves. I learn nothing from them.
I completely understand your points and very often saw "sale pending" while an advertised product is on ebay auction.
As to the product that advertised as an ebay action is just upto our personal opinion whether to ignor it or get there and bid.
There are other sites out there that do NOT allow "SEE ADD ON EBAY" or adds without prices. This is my preferrence for classified sections. Don't get me wrong, I am all for capitalism, but keep it on one site at a time.

The eBay references don't particularly bother me although I wonder about the ethics of the seller, ie the item is not available to A'Gon members EXCEPT through eBay. But like Jeff, I do get irritated about sale pending ads-- I mean who the hell would take the time and effort to respond to a sale pending ad? Glad to see you have a sense of humor Creeper. Cheers. Craig
To make it fair to everyone, we would have to ban every type of ad that people object to..... Woops, I guess there will be no ads.