Eaton 9px as audio power regenerator?

I was looking at prices of audio power regenerators; I then thought of alternatives.
Does anyone here have experience with the Eaton 9xp? It's a double conversion UPS.
I would probably switch out the fan in it if I was to purchase one.
I just don't have the cabbage for a PS Audio regen.
I live in a condominium, enough said....
I was listening to some Jeff Healey Band; as I noticed the light above me fluctuating in brightness. I didn't notice a change in sound quality, but it got me thinking.
What do you all think?

Thanks for any input!
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Eaton makes some fantastic on line UPSs with 9 factor power conditioning. I’m about to wire up a couple 9130-1500 UPSs to power my listening room equipment racks. I’m expecting great results, as Eaton is one of the few UPS manufacturers who produce a perfect sine wave output without harmonics. 
Hi sleepwalker,
I was also looking at SANUPS.
I'm wondering about the fan on these units, how loud they are.If you don't mind me asking:
What version of the 9130 did you decide on?
What was the biggest deciding factor of the 9130 for you?

The 9130 is loud. I had the opportunity to purchase a few 1500VA models a little while ago at a very good price, so that and past experiences with Eaton how I formed my decision. The 9130s will be located in the basement, feeding two dedicated circuits to my listening room on the 2nd floor through AFCI breakers. I haven’t gotten around to running the wiring yet. 

I ended-up getting a really good deal on a PS Audio P12.

I used a ICE AGE copper/copper 10 Gauge power cable for the P12, instead of it's "stock" cable.

I received it a few days ago. This thing is great!

I have all my A/V equipment running off of it; except for the small SMPS type power supplies. I plugged them into a "corcom modded" power strip, separate from the P12.

I had everything powered on and playing/displaying music/DVD video; the P12 didn't flinch, I had plenty of power in reserve!.

In the next couple of days; I'm going to experiment with the "multi-wave" levels on the P12, to see which level performs the best.

DiTek makes double-conversion, on-line UPS models.
I was looking at the DTK-UPS2000RE for a friend.
He was inquiring about available options for power regeneration for his A/V.
Interesting options out there.
Double-conversion on-line is awesome. Way cleaner than utility power. 
Oh yeah, an update to my UPS project..: I’ve run two circuits, 15 amp over 14AWG through AFCI breakers. The run is only 25 feet, so 14AWG is nice and efficient, and a lot easier to run, not to mention a lot cheaper than blue 12AWG Romex. It’s just roughed in now, should be finished with other Reno work in a couple weeks. One circuit will power my right channel NAD 2700 and the other will power my left channel NAD 2700 vertically bi-amped into recently purchased Energy Reference Connoisseur RC-70 speakers. Can’t wait to hear it!


Let us know how it sounds! Especially the ERC speakers with the NADs!