EAT EC88 - your opinions really appreciated

Hi. Both my pre (Concert Fidelity) and power (Lamm 1.2s) use 6922s. I'm pretty sure that I am needing a tube replacement on one channel on the Lamms and am thinking of EAT EC88s (for the Lamms and possibly the CF as well). Are people using these - or have you tried them and if so what is your opinion of them and what is the sound like?

Also how well do they compare with the better NOS tumes around?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Stu from NZ
I been using EAT Tubes for my pair of MC275 for many year and never look back. It's sound so much better, I bought one extra set just in case they go out of business.
I talked recently to Kevin Deal, who told me he found EAT tubes to provide a lesser quality of sound than many others. No offense Beewax---Kevin said it, not me!
I got a pair for my CJ GAT pre. Managed to sell them. Lost perhaps USD 50 or so on the resale. Pretty disappointing. On par with most current production tubes . Not a patch on any NOS 6922.