EAT E-Glo Petite Hybrid phono stage

I’m considering upgrading my PS Audio Nuwave phono stage and the EAT was recommended by a dealer I’ve purchased from in the past. Has anyone compared or own the EAT E-Glo series phono stages. The Petite is definitely affordable at $1495.00 but will it make enough of an improvement over what I currently have?  

I’m using a new Zephyr MIMC Star cart on an Acoustic Solid TT with an Audion 300b Special Edition Integrated amp into Zu Soul Superfly speakers. 


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No comparisons, but I love my E.A.T E-Glo Petite.  I run a VPI Traveler w/Dynavector 20x2XL. The Petite is pretty phenomenal imo.  It’s a musical ‘ear opener’ on many records.  Herbie Hancocks recent RSD release Dedication had me looking around as the deep grooves washed wavelike, throughout the room.  The Petite has bandwidth and dynamics galore, never sounding hurried but seamlessly unravels the textures and nuance, the musical intention of the artist.  The small switching supply is not an issue, whoever designed this, knew what he/she was doing.  Treble is beautifully rendered, ever so slightly sweet, ethereal, delicately precise w/bite.  It unravels instrumental layers in an unhurried ‘slow strip’ manner, that makes the listener desirous, wanting for more.  Effortlessly musical, darkly confident, seductive, the Petites JFET, hybrid tube nature, allows music thru the 20X2L VPI Traveler to breathe.  It’s really brought my vinyl to life.  Way fun!

Wow, what you wrote is really enticing me to get one now. I’d love to get the petit because it’s very affordable. I’m sure the E glo model S will step it up a notch but at double the cost. It would be great if someone can add some advice between the 2 levels. 

I ended up going with the EAT E-glo S model. Just got it and am breaking it in but right out of the box more detail and real sounding than my previous phono. 
Congrats, don’t think you’ll b disappointed.  Really enjoy a pr. of
Bugle Boys n the Petite, Mullards were a bit too rich, a bit sluggish, but the Amprex takes the whole thing up a notch, very transparent, dynamic.
None of the harshness, or glare, I’ve sometimes heard in preamps.  Very musical, yet dimensional.  May look into another phono cable, what u using...?
Still breaking it in but I’ve immediately noticed how real the instruments sound and more separation. I hope after breaking the vocals stand out a bit more, they seem a little pulled back at times right now. 

As as far as the phono cable, the one from the TT is hardwired Rega and I know it isn’t the best. I would love to change it but haven’t found an easy replacement solution yet. The cable going from the phono to power amp is a True Zen that I’m trying out.