EAT E-Glo Petit vs. Rogue Ares

For use with an AT Art9. Like the astetics and adjustibilty of the EAT, have heard mostly positive reviews of it.

I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum and like the brand. It tops out at 64db gain. Older design and less adjustability. Supposed to be really good tho.

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I have a pretty new, original Art9 so I'm sure 64 would be enough but I would like to have more in reserve just in case. I currently use a Jolida JD9. My arm is a Pro-ject 9C (not CC) on a Music Hall 7.1.
Well my budget was $1,500 and the dealer said the EAT would be a great buy at that price but going to a 2k Ares would be a good step up and the $2,800 Ares Magnum a really great step up.

I'd like to stay at $1500 unless the Ares is a pretty major step up over the EAT. I could do Magnum upgrade later if I chose the Rogue.
Thanks, great to hear the positive review. I really like what I've heard about the Petit. 
The Ares sounds like a great choice too, albeit for $500-$1,300 more.
Really torn on which to choose.