EAT Cool Dampers??

Does anybody have any experience with the EAT vacuum tube cool dampers? I am interesed in opinion regarding sonic advantages using them.
Hi Musicman159

i own the EAT tube damper. hope description below helps.

i have a Zanden DAC which takes one 6922 tube...Jan Phillips is suprisingly musical but outrageously microphonic. Only tilting the dac with weights on top could dampen it!

I switched to mullard 6dj8...microphony went away, but so did musicality (better bass, soundstage, detail...just less musical, only more technically perfect).

enter the EAT tube damper with the original JAN the musicality plus greater detail, mid bass powerful, soundstage depth and image solidity. and NO microphony!!! Love this thing. for 16 bucks (pounds sterling in UK), this was a great fix and helped a
19 buck tube beat a 75 buck mullard. the mullard might ust edge the phillips out in technicals with the EAT damper, but the musicality is not close. i was shocked...and saved money!