EAT C-Sharp Turntable anyone owned or demoed it??

My local dealer just picked up the EAT turntables for sale. The C-Sharp runs about $4000 w/an $1000 MC Ortofon cart and a outboard speed controller included. How would you rate the EAT w/other 4K TT’s??
I have an interest in the same table. Living in the desert, dust settles on everything. Their lower priced tables include a dust cover, while the C-Sharp doesn’t. I’ll be interested in responses to this thread as I wonder how good their lower-priced tables are relative to their top of the line C-Sharp. 
I haven’t heard the C sharp, but I did recently hear the C Major at a friends house. The C Major comes with a removable dust cover...well sort of removable,as the mechanism that it uses to attach to the plinth is a kludge at best. IMO a very poor design that won’t stand the test of time. 
The table is designed to appeal to those who are looking for a ‘modern’ look with its carbon fiber like top plinth. In the case of the CMajor, the arm is the star of the show, and really what makes it an ok buy at its price range. Personally, I would look at the Linn LP12 Majik for not a lot more money. IMHO, a far superior platform that one can take to much greater heights, whereas the EAT is pretty much what you see, is what you get. Not to say the EAT is a bad turntable, but I actually think that if funds are limited, then a Rega would be my preferred choice...and that also comes with a dust cover that has a far better mechanism. 
I'm going to hear the C-Sharp later this week. We're going to hook it up to a pair of Aerial 5T's and the Luxman CL38U-se (both items I currently own.) I'm curious to hear how it sounds. Currently I have a 1986 Linn w/a cirkus upgrade, Ittok arm, Dynavector 20xl2 cart and a Lingo 3. I may be crazy but I'm curious how this TT performs. If a no go then maybe look for an upgrade on the cart. Dyanavector XX-2. Should match up w/my tonearm.
@luxmancl38 Are you able to bring your Linn to that demo?
IMO, you would be crazy to go from the Linn to the C- Sharp. Your current Linn has some great upgrade options. For instance, you could change out the tonearm to an Ekos ( which I would change before you change the cartridge), upgrade the power supply, add a Tramp 2, and like you said, change the cartridge. All ( or even one) of these changes would give you a much better sounding deck than the C-Sharp. IMO.
I don't think bringing the Linn to the demo is necessary. As I'll be using the same Luxman preamp and same Aerial speakers. I'll give this TT a test drive and see where it falls. Actually the biggest improvement I got from my Linn was when I sold my CJ ET3 SE and phono w/a Cinemag Blue SUT. The Luxman CL38U-SE and the internal tube phono were a big jump. After the demo I'll make a report.
I have the EAT C sharp and am certainly happy.  I wouldn’t recommend worrying about the cover.  I had one custom made by a guy in upstate NY, JMK displays for a bit under $100 and it’s perfect.  
That's an excellent price. Some of these TT companies charge $300 on up for a cover.