Easy Windows App for Flac & AIFF for Novice

What's the best Windows app (free or cheap) for a low tech novice to use to play Flac & AIFF files? Good sound quality matters, but easy, intuitive setup and UX is top priority here for a non-hobbyist that would like to play some live recordings that I will share. Bluetooth speaker from the windows pc will be the playback method used. Cheers,
Boy you don't want much do you. Best is subjective. Windows has built in. VLC, Foobar, many more. What's UX. If sound quality matters then don't use BT, it's the great equalizer that will degrade most music regardless of the player.
Foobar with Fidelizier  is hard to beat  for sound quality if you want to run it as a dedicated music server .  The UI is a little clunky but there is lots of support on the interweb.  Fidelizer depending on the settings makes sound top priority at the expense of other applications but it can be set to not start automatically on boot.